**Welcome to ParkSwitch: Your Premier Parking Solution**
*Unlocking Opportunities, One Parking Spot at a Time*

### About ParkSwitch

At ParkSwitch, we believe in redefining convenience by transforming the way people access and manage parking spaces. Whether you're a company looking to optimize your reserved parking assets or an individual in need of a hassle-free parking solution, ParkSwitch has you covered.

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### Our Mission

Empowering businesses and individuals alike, our mission is to create a seamless parking experience. We strive to bridge the gap between available parking spaces and those seeking a convenient and secure place to park.

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### How ParkSwitch Works

#### For Businesses

Are you a company with underutilized parking spaces? Partner with ParkEasy to unlock a new revenue stream. List your reserved parking spots on our platform, and let users book them for short-term use. It's a win-win – monetize your parking assets efficiently while providing a valuable service.

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#### For Individuals

Tired of endlessly circling for parking? With ParkSwitch, you can reserve a parking spot in advance. Simply browse available spaces, choose the one that suits your needs, and make a quick, secure payment. No more stress, no more wasted time – just convenient parking when and where you need it.

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### ParkSwitch Features

- **Real-Time Availability**: See available parking spaces in real time, ensuring you can find a spot when you need it.
- **Secure Payments**: Our platform uses state-of-the-art encryption to ensure your payments are always secure.
- **User-Friendly Interface**: Easily navigate our platform with an intuitive design, making the parking reservation process a breeze.
- **Customer Support**: Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you with any inquiries or issues promptly.

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### Join the ParkSwitch Community

Ready to experience a new level of parking convenience? Join the ParkEasy community today. Whether you're a business looking to optimize your parking assets or an individual in search of stress-free parking, ParkEasy is here for you.

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*ParkSwitch : Where Parking Meets Convenience.*

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|**Id**|*integer*|Nominal|Identifier for each property.|
|**PID**|*integer*|Nominal|Parcel identification number - can be usedwith city web site for parcel review.|
|**MS SubClass**|*integer*|Nominal|Identifies the type of dwellinginvolved in the sale. Type is coded, please refer to full datadocumentation|
|**MS Zoning**|*string*|Nominal|Identifies the general zoningclassification of the sale.|